Challenge 9 Audit

I have 37 different posts on my blog. All 37 of my posts were part of the challenge requirements. There were 13 different comments. There were a lot of 1 comments on my posts. One was My Favorite Candy post which I thought would make sense because I used really colorful and cool pictures. My favorite post to write was my glowing with pride meme because I got to recall some of my favorite memories. I did change blog themes so I could let my viewers see my widgets I have on my blog. I have 12 different widgets on my blog. I don’t think this is to many because my viewers and classmates are really interested in them. I have 14 overseas students on my blogroll.

What my sister thought of my blog:

My sister thought that my blog was very interesting and fun to play on. What caught her attention most was all the different posts I have on my blog. What distracted her most was all my different widgets. To improve my blog she said that I could right about all the different problems going on around the world to let my fellow bloggers leave their own opinions on my blog as a comment.

My Test

The topic that I have chosen to write about is my solo and ensemble experience. This experience for me was very scary. I thought the school smelled kind of like garlic and vomit. It was very gross, it was made even worse when it was really close to your time to perform to the judges. I was doing a duet with my friend Chloe.

When it was time for me and her to perform I was so nervous. My whole body was shaking and I couldn’t calm down. Chloe and I started the song and didn’t play it to well. We ended up with a two. For our first year of solo and ensemble we ended up doing okay. Our band instructor was really proud and I hope to do it next year but get a one this time.

A picture by Tambako the Jaguar.

A link to my favorite books website.

My Science Project file.

Here is also a link to Chloe (who I chose for the student blogging award) and Emma Watts (who I chose for the class blogging award).

Activity 1 challenge 10

I thought that the set up for the challenges was very confusing. I tried to get to the links and got confused. I also thought it was confusing because you had to learn how to do so much stuff in so little time. Me and my class only got half of the school year to finish all the blogging challenges.

Activity 4 Challenge 9

I am going to nominate Chloe for the edublogs award. I am going to nominate her because she always explains the posts and tries her hardest on the challenges. The class that I have decided to nominate is Emma Watts because they are teaching kids that are young about computers, which means that they are trying to expand their knowledge when they are young.

Glowing with pride meme.

This is for week 8 of the student challenge blogs.

I am going to write about one thing in my life that left me glowing with pride. One thing that has really made me proud in my life is when I won the game for my 10u softball team. We were tied between the other team with two outs and no hope especially since I was up. Because you see I was not a very good hitter and had missed the first two strikes already. So I took a deep breath and watched the ball all the way to the bat and swung as hard as I could and actually made contact with the ball then I saw the first base men miss it and my team won by one with my RBI I got when the runner at third got home.

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